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Introduction to the Denver Complex

Located south west of Downham Market, the Denver Complex is probably the largest combination of sluices anywhere in the country. From the 1600’s when the original Denver sluice was constructed, its purpose has been to protect the people of the fens from flooding. Today Denver not only manages the heart of the Great Ouse River System and a range of other river systems that converge at Denver, it also plays a key role in river navigation, conservation, water abstraction, agricultural and land drainage and fisheries. The operation of the Denver Complex and management of the Ouse Washes are also bound together. Maintaining the right balance for this range of interests whilst delivering the Complex’s main role for flood defence is hard to achieve all of the time.

The Denver Complex Collaboration and Visualisation project has drawn together people from the above range of interests. Gathering data from these partner organisations and building a more common understanding about the pressures on Denver is part of an ongoing process that will help us work together in the future.

As a result, this partnership has created a range of materials that better explain the importance of the Denver Complex. The materials have been captured on this website to provide an ongoing resource for the partners to work with, but also as a place that anyone with an interest in Denver can use. The close relationship between the operation of the Denver Complex and the Ouse Washes has lead to the linking of the www.ousewashes.org and www.denvercomplex.org websites.

View a simplified visualisation in the Google Earth widget above, or download the Desktop version of Google Earth below to see the full visual data files

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