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Visual Model
The Ouse Washes

The visual model is made up from the information and data of 12 organisations who have participated in this initiative. The process of building the model is helping the partners and stakeholders on the Ouse Washes shape their thinking about its future.

About this project

About The Ouse
Washes system

The Ouse Washes system was originally conceived over 350 years ago.

Its creation played a major role in turning the fens into agricultural land

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Download KMZ files of visual evidence for use on your desktop version of Google Earth 

Ouse Washes - Context (8.3Mb)

Ouse Washes - How it works (4.8Mb)

Ouse Washes - Nature and Wildlife (5.2Mb)

Ouse Washes - Agriculture and Economy (4.0Mb)

View a simplified visualisation in the Google Earth widget above, or download the Desktop version of Google Earth below to see the full visual data files

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